Spring Market Update

Spring Market Update

Moving into Spring as a homeowner is always a good time, to not only do a bit of Spring cleaning, but to also have a look around and take note of what has been happening in your Community.

From a Property Market perspective Glencairn Heights has enjoyed a good 2016 to date.  The the two resident Chas Everitt agents Scott Tait and Sean Matthewson took a moment during some Spring cleaning to have a look at the year property movement and after doing so, they both believe that flowers won’t be the only thing in bloom until the year’s end.

While anecdotal opinions on property are never in short supply, it is prudent to anchor sentiment in facts.  A balance between opinions from fellow residents and those who are looking to move into the area is useful to then analyse these facts.  There has been consistent price growth in the Glencairn area across all price bands and as can be observed there are many residents confidently investing and upgrading their properties currently. Clearly they love living here and there is no shortage of passion when talking to residents about their views on the area and their future in it.

Scott and Sean agree, “when you look around we are lucky to have a close knit community of people that have by and large been resident here for many years. However the circle of life, to coin a phrase, does see people move on and scale down so opportunities to purchase have become available more frequently in the past several years.  What has been an eye opener though is the changing demographics with many younger couples and young families moving into the area.  While Glencairn is a little bit further from Town when commuting daily, more buyers are wanting the lifestyle, safety and security benefits that are on offer in Glencairn and the price of property here remains a considerable incentive to travel a few extra kilometres.  It’s certainly not only other Capetonians that love Glencairn, but also those that are moving to the Cape from other parts of South Africa.”

If you would like to receive a Property Trends Report for Glencairn or the Deep South area, then call Scott or Sean on 021 784 1630 and we will gladly email one to you.