#Glencairn Suburb Reports

#Glencairn Suburb Reports

#Glencairn – Suburb Property Report – We can’t send you the latest gossip, but we do have all the property information for Glencairn!

For any property owner, this is really interesting and important information.

Our Suburb Report is unique, and this is the first time it has been offered. It has taken substantial research to put these reports together, but this will show you exactly what has ACTUALLY happened with property in Glencairn both historically and recently.

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This Area Blog is Managed by eNeighbourhoods

This Area Blog is Managed by eNeighbourhoods

Operated and managed by eNeighbourhoods, this service is sponsored by Chas Everitt Cape Town South as a service to the community.  Our brief is to provide and share local content of interest to the various areas in the Cape Town South area through the various blogs to the benefit of the community and the sponsor.  It is further the intention to offer at no cost to the members of the community the facilities of the blog.   Other businesses and organisations thus have a powerful and effective means to share their news at no cost.

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Easter Colouring Competition

Easter Colouring Competition

DOWNLOAD and then print (A4 size pdf) the colouring entry form (see link below)
(or collect one from the Fish Hoek Chas Everitt office) 

Hand in your completed entry in either at our Chas Everitt False Bay office on Fish Hoek Main Road or you scan and email to scott@everitt.co.za or sean.m@everitt.co.za

We will display the entries at the offices over the Easter Weekend in our shop window.

Multiple winners will be notified  (we will group by age and office).
The prizes will be a number of Easter Hampers of various goodies.

Easter Chas Bear  This link will take you to pdf download  🙂

Sit, Engage and Stay a while

Sit, Engage and Stay a while
The new Cafe and meeting place in the Glencairn Valley The Daily Grinder has been a welcome addition since it opened towards the end of 2016. Michael and Michelle Rodgers are ever the welcoming and friendly hosts and clearly passionate about the Valley and its people.
The freshly sourced ingredients for their menu are fantastic and there is even the opportunity to do the grocery run at The Daily Grinder rather than go the mass retail route. This is only a small selection of the locally sourced delights on offer and is well worth a trip for this alone.
The Coffee and Breakfasts are hard to beat and with the wide variety of stone fired Pizzas on offer Lunch or an Early Supper is now a breeze. Don’t worry there are Gluten free and Cauliflower pizza base options too if you are banting! The fresh fruit and veg on site provides a wonderful variety of freshly squeezed juices and smoothies that are heavenly. Also keep a look out for their popular Curry nights that offer a broad buffet of tasty dishes to choose from. Great food and coffee aside the ambiance is relaxed and inviting ensuring that you really will feel at home and want to linger longer than you had planned.
Be sure to like their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheDailyGrinder/ for regular updates.

Spring Market Update

Spring Market Update

Moving into Spring as a homeowner is always a good time, to not only do a bit of Spring cleaning, but to also have a look around and take note of what has been happening in your Community.

From a Property Market perspective Glencairn Heights has enjoyed a good 2016 to date.  The the two resident Chas Everitt agents Scott Tait and Sean Matthewson took a moment during some Spring cleaning to have a look at the year property movement and after doing so, they both believe that flowers won’t be the only thing in bloom until the year’s end.

While anecdotal opinions on property are never in short supply, it is prudent to anchor sentiment in facts.  A balance between opinions from fellow residents and those who are looking to move into the area is useful to then analyse these facts.  There has been consistent price growth in the Glencairn area across all price bands and as can be observed there are many residents confidently investing and upgrading their properties currently. Clearly they love living here and there is no shortage of passion when talking to residents about their views on the area and their future in it.

Scott and Sean agree, “when you look around we are lucky to have a close knit community of people that have by and large been resident here for many years. However the circle of life, to coin a phrase, does see people move on and scale down so opportunities to purchase have become available more frequently in the past several years.  What has been an eye opener though is the changing demographics with many younger couples and young families moving into the area.  While Glencairn is a little bit further from Town when commuting daily, more buyers are wanting the lifestyle, safety and security benefits that are on offer in Glencairn and the price of property here remains a considerable incentive to travel a few extra kilometres.  It’s certainly not only other Capetonians that love Glencairn, but also those that are moving to the Cape from other parts of South Africa.”

If you would like to receive a Property Trends Report for Glencairn or the Deep South area, then call Scott or Sean on 021 784 1630 and we will gladly email one to you.

Property News

Property News

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 17.33.59

Glencairn Heights residents experienced an overall smooth election day at the local polling station at Phoenix Hall last week. In spite of a small incident involving an oversight on unstamped ballot papers early in the morning. So, oversights aside, what can local property owners expect post elections in terms of effects on property prices.

Chas Everitt CEO Berry Everitt shared his thoughts on the subject and his comments have been well received.

Read here (Will open in new window)

For residents wanting better representation and service delivery, you don’t need to register to vote for your resident Glencairn agents Scott Tait 076 156 2619 Sean Matthewson 071 211 5418 you can just call us and we will deliver!

Free Property Valuation

Free Property Valuation


Obtaining a property valuation is an essential step when thinking of selling but for other purposes too such as estate planning, insurance purposes and to keep up with your asset values.  So even if your move is not imminent, a house valuation still proves an excellent tool for indicating current market value, and possible room for improvements to increase the value of your home.

An online house valuation is a useful tool to get a quick and easy estimate of the actual price of your property.

By answering a few easy questions on the current condition of your home in Glencairn, our complimentary property value calculator, using the latest GIS (Geographical Information System) will provide you with an indication of how much money you could potentially make from the sale of your home if you are intending to sell or for the other purposes indicated above.

A feature unique to Valuator provides references to recent final property sales in selected Cape Town Metropolitan Areas, which have yet to be recorded in the Deeds Office. This value added feature ensures that our reports are reliable and up-to-date.

buttonValuator is a service provided by: HOMEimage.

*HOMEimage is not an estate agency and offers specialised marketing solutions to property developers, hospitality industry, private property sellers and agents, such as 3D models, floor plans, virtual tours, professional photography, drone aerial photography, property marketing materials, and project management.

Give Away | Property Power

Give Away | Property Power

property powerProperty Power is giving away 10 copies of the 11th edition of ‘Property Power in South Africa’. To be entered into this draw subscribe to our Glencairn blog. Winners will be announced on the Friday 26 February 2016 on our blog.

Buying or selling a home as well as moving, can be one of the most stressful experiences in your life, even more so if you are not properly informed, and it is probably one of the most important investments you will make. You need to understand your rights and obligations and learn to take control of the process.

Property and its wealth creating power is not an exact science, but a very complex industry, in which most of us share an interest. Property Power is designed to empower home buyers, home sellers, first-time property investors and owner-builders/renovators with knowledge regarding important aspects of purchasing and selling immovable residential property.

Too many people run into financial difficulty and have to live with disappointments after making hasty decisions and not taking control of their property transactions. Property Power is a magazine (including an interactive PC CD-Rom) in which we cover the most important facts with regard to property transactions as comprehensively as possible, while keeping it simple, user-friendly and easy to read.

If you missed out on the previous editions, don’t despair. Each year, after the Minister of Finance announces the new Budget, we update Property Power and release a new edition. Everything discussed in the previous edition is simply revised and modified to the latest developments, figures and legislation in the market and newly researched material is added.

Updated Information
Property Power is updated and published regularly. You can visit our website at any time to make sure that you have the latest edition and that you are not missing out on any new information, like amendments to certain acts, or changes in the interest rate, budget speech, and so on. We endeavor to update Property Power at least once a year, however sometimes an edition may be relevant for two years.

Read more

Do you live in a Burglary Hot Spot or a Suburb Safe Zone?

Do you live in a Burglary Hot Spot or a Suburb Safe Zone?

neighbourhood“If property owners do not take collective action as a neighbourhood community, the affect on everyone’s property values in that neighbourhood could be very negative”, says Cape Town real estate broker, Andre de Villiers from Cape Town.

De Villiers was previously a Neighbourhood Watch Chairperson for a popular Cape Town coastal suburb. “My experience is that there are far too few residents prepared to get involved in neighbourhood security unless there is a dramatic spike in crime or a violent attack. The majority of residents it seems are only too happy to leave the collective security concerns to someone else”.

“As the owner of four real estate offices in Cape Town, I can confirm that buyers are increasingly asking agents for more details about security issues in the neighbourhood of the house they are interested in. The focus on the individual house’s security is correctly seen as something that can be resolved by the buyer, but the area’s reputation and crime statistics are a greater concern, as a buyer knows this will probably be an issue that falls outside their immediate control.”

There is certainly a demand for reliable data but this is not as easy to obtain as some may think. Many smaller incidents are not reported to the police and many private security services treat their information as confidential and many neighbourhood watch groups are understandably concerned that their neighbourhood could suffer if their efficiency in keeping records resulted in a negative message!

“I think any professional estate agent should have some reasonable methodology to answer security questions from buyers objectively about the neighbourhood. We can’t put our head in the sand over this issue and a lack of access to reliable data is certainly a challenge,” said de Villiers.

The message to property owners is to ‘buy in’ to the responsibility of keeping their neighbourhood safe and crime free through collective action, and thereby collecting a ‘collective security dividend’. “Imagine if you will, a pocket of houses that is able to claim and where the seller or agent can statistically show, that the subject area is the safest area in this suburb! If that’s not a great selling feature then, as a real estate professional with over thirty years experience, I am not sure what is!” said de Villiers.