Sit, Engage and Stay a while

The new Cafe and meeting place in the Glencairn Valley The Daily Grinder has been a welcome addition since it opened towards the end of 2016. Michael and Michelle Rodgers are ever the welcoming and friendly hosts and clearly passionate about the Valley and its people.
The freshly sourced ingredients for their menu are fantastic and there is even the opportunity to do the grocery run at The Daily Grinder rather than go the mass retail route. This is only a small selection of the locally sourced delights on offer and is well worth a trip for this alone.
The Coffee and Breakfasts are hard to beat and with the wide variety of stone fired Pizzas on offer Lunch or an Early Supper is now a breeze. Don’t worry there are Gluten free and Cauliflower pizza base options too if you are banting! The fresh fruit and veg on site provides a wonderful variety of freshly squeezed juices and smoothies that are heavenly. Also keep a look out for their popular Curry nights that offer a broad buffet of tasty dishes to choose from. Great food and coffee aside the ambiance is relaxed and inviting ensuring that you really will feel at home and want to linger longer than you had planned.
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