Glencairn – Passage of Time

Flickr – “I found an old photo at my folks place and thought it would be interesting to see if I could re-create it. Not quite sure where my folks found the photo but it’s dated some time around 1930, given the buildings (and lack thereof).

It took me a few hours of scrambling around the Elsies Peak area to locate the exact spot. What’s really interesting to note is the longevity of lichen species. It appears that the rock nearby has become more eroded but I suspect that whoever processed the shot overdeveloped this area to bring out detail and not leave a dark strip.

The difference in lenses is also apparent. My shot was taken at 17mm while the one below appears to be true 35mm. Mine was taken in the early afternoon and the one below probably mid morning judging by the shadows.”Glencairn Old and New

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