Whale of a Time

Local residents were treated to a rare sight this past week of a young Humpback Whale feeding along the coastline between Sunny cove and Glencairn. The Whale has been a regular visitor to our waters each day after 5pm and can be seen breaching and lunge-feeding through the calm False Bay waters metres from the shore. The frolicking whale has been quite an attraction with dozens of motorists and passers by stopping to get a closer look and watch the whale enjoying an early dinner.

One of the larger species of Whales these mammals can range in length between 12m to 16m and weigh up to 36000 kilograms. The humpback has a distinctive body shape with unusual pectoral fins and a knobbly head. They are well known for their marine acrobatics with regular breaching and slapping of the water with its tail and pectorals.

Residents and regular visitors to the False Bay coastline will attest to the excellent viewings of the more common Southern Right Whales between St James and Simonstown during the winter months in the Cape.

Be sure to share your sightings and stories with us as whale watching season begins.

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